Who what where am I?


I figured a blog was a good idea to keep up to date with our workshops and showcase how the nights go. But I figured it would be an even better idea if my first blog was about how Workshop Wednesdays came to be.

I've always known I wanted to do something in the creative field but never knew which direction to go. I exposed myself to different mediums such as pottery, painting and drawing. Instead of feeling inspired and motivated by them I got discouraged. Nothing stuck with me until I found paper cutting.

I tried to be a full time artist doing my paper cutouts. I joined markets, worked on commission pieces and put myself out there any way I could think of. Although I learned a lot I still didn't feel like it was the direction I wanted to go in. I felt like I needed more. I loved paper cutting as a hobby but it wasn't something I could see myself committing to as a business long term.

I put the 2 things I struggled most with together and came up with the idea of Workshop Wednesdays.

  1. I wanted a place to learn new things without having to commit too much to it, whether that was time or money. This was especially true for when I wanted to try something new and didn't know if it was something I would pursue.

  2. As a maker, I wanted a unique place to interact with people interested in my work. It was one thing to sell my pieces at markets or put on exhibits but I wanted something more personal. Workshops give the opportunity for others to learn about the craft as well as the creative process and effort that goes into making them.

My main goals were to keep it affordable, within reason and to support the local up and coming creatives. So far it's felt like such a success and has been more than I could have ever imagined! Everyone I have met along the way has been such an inspiration and has motivated me to keep at it. I can't wait for what's to come!!!

To sum it all, at Workshop Wednesdays, we believe in community and craft. It is a space to connect, discover and create. One Wednesday night of every month, we get together for some crafts, laughs and an all around good time with good people!

Workshop Wednesdays started as a way to get the community of like minded individuals to come together and enjoy a night of creating things with their hands. It supports local, up and coming crafters, makers and artists where they can showcase their work through a different experience. 

 That's me, btw. 

That's me, btw. 

Cristina Tioseco