I Wet My Plants: Floral Arrangement Workshop


With the holidays just around the corner, I wanted to do a workshop that fit the theme. It worked out perfectly that as I was on a hunt for the right thing, Nicole of Ever Red Fresh Designs reached out with the idea of making a floral centrepiece. Perfect for all the fun holiday festivities and parties to come!


The workshop was help on December 13th which happened to also be the birthday of one of my (many) sisters. She used to always joke about wanting to be a florist and figured this would be a really good opportunity for her to try it out. She invited a bunch of her friends to join and it soon became a birthday affair!


Nicole did an amazing job talking us through the different flowers and plants she brought in. She showed us some techniques on how to arrange flowers to make the pot look full and vivacious. With everyone working with the same materials and having been taught the same tips and tricks, each arrangement still came out unique and amazing.


It was a great night filled with joy and happiness. It really brought the holiday vibe to life! When life gets so hectic, especially during this time of year, it’s nice to take a couple of hours to yourself to create something new, fun and exciting!

Cristina Tioseco