Busy busy busy

I almost forgot what it was like to blog, I've left it for so long. I've been quite busy recently doing commission work. I love it though and every piece I've worked on has been a lot of fun. Here are some I've done over the last couple of weeks:

If you're interested in seeing how I make these cutouts, I'll be participating in an event called SNAG. It's at the Cobalt (916 Main Street, Vancouver) and what it is a weekly live painting event but the week that I'm part of it, instead of painting it's going to be craft themed. I was asked to paper cut in front of people for a few hours and the pieces that are made that night by me and the other artists will be raffled out at the end. 

I loved the idea of this and I was so stoked to have gotten the email. It'll be on September 7 from 9pm til around 1am. I know, I know. It's a Wednesday. But it'll be fun! There will also be an art market happening that night as well. 


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