A Natural Sort of Logic

I thought it seemed fitting to write my first blog post about my first exhibit. A Natural Sort of Logic. It feels so formal when it's italicized. Like Oooh an exhiiibiiit. A Natural Sort of Logic. Bold makes it seem almost as if it's screaming at me. Which in retrospect felt like it was at times while working on it. 

Before I even thought up of the idea to showcase my art anywhere other than on Instagram I was so reluctant. I thought having an exhibit at a gallery or a show felt so formal. Like it was something that only the "real artists" got to do. I was also afraid that if I tried putting my work out there those "real artists" would laugh. But joke was on me because the real artists never even came to my show! Ha! Obviously kidding. But as it turned out those "real artists" I was concerned about was just my fears and insecurities trying to weasel their way in. I got over it and decided that the whole point of why I started to do cutouts was because it was something I enjoyed doing and was something I was proud of. I wanted to see them displayed somewhere other than in the walls of my own home and I wanted it to be on my terms, where I was comfortable. And I wanted to have fun. It wasn't for the money or my big shot at fame. I did it because I wanted to and because I knew I could. So here it is...


Big. Bold. Italicized. 


Photography by Jana Josue